Crystal Waltman

I am a 4th generation Arizona native and the heat runs in my blood. I am grateful to explore this life with my husband Michael and daughter Liv. 


Growing up an athlete my body was under constant pressure and I was always pushing myself beyond the pain.  I played college softball at Central Arizona College and won a National Championship. My collegiate sports career is when my back pain began.


I started taking  Bikram yoga classes back in 2001.  It kicked my butt. I thought I was in good physical shape but why were these “easy poses” so hard for me?  I was hooked to say the least.


I began my new career as a personal trainer and founded Crystal Fitness.  But my personal training sessions always seemed to be missing one thing.  No matter how much I stretched my clients I knew it wasn’t as effective as the 26 postures in the heat.  I wanted them to feel the balance of strength and flexibility. I started telling my clients to go to Bikram Yoga in between our weight training sessions. I also continued to practice Bikram Yoga for my back pain.


In fall, 2008 I decided to change my work out routine to something that was more kind to my body and something I could do for the rest of my life.   I attended Bikram Yoga College - nine weeks of  “Bikram Yoga College of India” teacher training. There, I gained the knowledge that gave me the balance of eastern and western thinking. 


Fast forward to spring of 2016, I was lifting a laundry basket and suddenly herniated my back. I could barely walk and had to literally drag along my left leg.  I had been told two years before that I eventually would need back surgery but I chose to manage the pain with anything else including yoga.  Eventually I had no choice but to get surgery.  My doctor told me that my back and lower spine was compromised due to a “high impact lifestyle”.


In May of 2016 I had back surgery. I was fused thru L3, L4, L5 & S1, with 3 spacers and 8 screws.


L3- L4 Spondylotishesis with bilateral pars defects and bone marrow edema, bilateral neruroformainal, stenosis.

L4-L5 Disc degeneration.

L5-S1 Spondylothesis with bilateral pars defects with large left parasagittal disc extrusion with cranial migration.


After only 6 months I returned to Bikram yoga with my new modifications.  I am still re-habilitating myself everyday. 


Today, I love teaching Bikram Yoga and knowing that I’m truly helping people.  My teaching philosophy has shifted since I was physically humbled this year.  So I share my experience, strength and hope that everyone can find the serenity both physically and mentally by practicing the Bikram Yoga.  Whether you’re just getting started or practicing for years I welcome you!


Come join the fun!

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