Deep Tissue Massage

Where the Deepest knots are hiding.

Eutopia Fitness offers deep tissue massage in Scottsdale Arizona to help local residents regain a normal day to day body function. Some people mistake deep tissue massage as deep pressure massage. The truth is, deep tissue massage can be achieved with light to medium pressure. Our muscles are layers and the deeper tissue muscle fibers lay directly above the bone. All of these layers can affect the movement of the body. The deeper tissue muscle fibers often take many treatments before being able to address such adhesion. Trauma is often the cause, trauma can be a fall or car accident for example. All of which can the connective tissue to bunch up restricting movement. We have over 30, 000 hours of massage experience and we are now offering deep tissue massage in Scottsdale Arizona. We hope to help all the Scottsdale community achieve better health and we believe deep tissue massage is part of the plan. Releasing massage knots can be very uncomfortable so finding the right person with the right approach is key and we believe that person / persons is us at Eutopia.

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