Joette Maslyk

Joette started practicing yoga 20 years ago due to a serious knee injury. Her doctors told her she needed find some type of physical exercise to maintain its strength and agility.


And what she discovered was so much more: Yoga!


Each class she attended kept her going back for more. She would leave with so much more energy, a clearer mind, and yet still felt very grounded. Yoga not only has done wonders for Joette's knee, but with each passing year she dives deeper and deeper into her practice and realizes what a total mind, body, and spiritual effect it has on her.


During her journey, she has had the benefit of learning from some of the best teachers yoga has to offer. Yoga is no longer a passion for her; it's a way of life. Becoming a certified yoga instructor has made her realize that we are all students in this life. Joette wants very much to share the gift of yoga so each and everyone of her students can experience the powerful effects yoga has to offer.



Come join the fun!

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