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What you get with this Offer


3 Hours of Deep Tissue Massge. Can be split into 3-60 min Sessions or 2-90 min Sessions.

In our Deep Tissue soft tissue manipulation sessions we will use modalities such as Deep Tissue, Myo Fascial Release, Trigger Point, sports and stretching to help with injury, posture correction and over all body health and function. 


Why Choose Eutopia Fitness?

We have over 40,000 hours of experience helping people move and feel better. From Helping kids with special needs, body builders, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Hip, Leg, Foot Injury, pregnancy, geriatric, posture correction, or just want better function we have worked on it. We pride ourselves in bring back people to a normal way of living. There should be a way to be pain free, restriction free and we believe we can help you.


This is an intro offer for anyone who hasn't recieved massage from Eutopia Fitness ever or within the last 6 months. You may buy up to 2 for yourself and as many intro packs to gift out.



(Non Refundable, Transferable, New Clients only defined as never recieved massage at Eutopia Fitness and or have not recieved massage at Eutopia in the last 6 months)

3 60 minute Deep Tissue Theraputic Massages

$240.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price