Sandy Omer

What motivated/inspired me to become a yoga teacher/studio owner and how has Bikram Yoga helped me or how have I most benefited? Good question. I guess because Andrea constantly kept asking me, “Sandy when are you going to teacher’s training?” I had just turned 50 when she asked me again “Are you going to Spring Training 2007?” I think I surprised her as much as I did myself when I said, "Yes". Seriously, I felt compelled and a need to teach and get people excited about Bikram Yoga.


I really believe in Bikram Yoga and what it can do for one’s body, mind and spirit. I started yoga back in the spring of 2003. I had abused my body doing other sports so a very dear friend of mine took me to my first yoga class. PS: She is still a friend. I started seeing results happen in my lower back issue’s (herniated disk and bulging disk), knee pain from high school and the list goes on. Then I was hit with a double whammy when within a 2 year period I lost two very special people in my life. Yoga and my yoga family helped me through my grief and healing process. So I wanted to share my passion for the yoga, which is why I opened a studio in February of 2010.


I can let people experience the yoga and how it can balance out one’s body, soul and spirit. We do survive physical and emotional pain and come out better and stronger people. I want to share that with all and be there to help others through their struggles to become healthy in all aspects.



Come join the fun!

10855 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd  |  Suite 102  | Scottsdale, AZ 85259

Tel: (480) 389-6539

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